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From the Ashes: Weekend Warriors (11/17)

Posted on November 17 2017

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Let’s face it. Some of us are motivated to get to the gym by Arnold Schwarzenegger voice-over videos (raises hand). For others, it’s reading about how fitness and healthy eating makes a difference in our lives. And for a few others, it’s to earn some pizza and beer tokens for the weekend (raises hand again).

Twice a month, we compile awesome reads with a mix of inspiration, motivation, and information to get you up out of your Superman pajamas and into your Superman or Wonder Woman workout clothes. We call them From the Ashes: Weekend Warriors.

We hope you enjoy your bulletproof coffee or apple cider vinegar tea while you read these hand-picked articles for encouragement (and fun).

An Hour of Running May Add 7 Hours to Your Life | New York Times by Gretchen Reynolds. The more time you put onto the treadmill, the less time in the grave.

Let the World’s Oldest Female Bodybuilder Be Your Fitness Inspiration Today | Men’s Health by Alisa Hrustic. Age is nothing but a number. Watch the video of Ernestine Shepherd. It’s worth it.

Finally, There’s A Gym That Offers Napping Classes For Tired Adults, And Here’s How It Works | Bored Panda by Andrius. Because who doesn’t like being encouraged to sleep a little more… at the gym? 

This CrossFit Athlete Without Arms or Legs Doesn't Want to Be Called 'Inspiring' | Self by Elizabeth Millard. “To call me inspiring is to set me apart in some way, like I’m not normal. But I can do everything you can, I just do it without arms and legs.”


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