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The Emblem


Our brand is represented by the mighty arc_ten Phoenix. This mythical creature's ethos is characterized by its ability to persevere through reinvention. Here at arc_ten, we recognize that life is defined by peaks and valleys―by an ability to cope with both. This legendary bird regenerates itself from the ashes as it adapts to new environments and comes into existence anew. We want to embolden our community with such energy and, as a visual reminder, have chosen to craft our emblem with the arc_ten Phoenix as its centerpiece. 



The emblem's golden hue represents the vibrant flames and tenacity that, time after time, lead to the phoenix's rebirth. Its circular shape symbolizes the cyclical nature of life itself. This is anchored by a cold, snow-capped mountain that visualizes the obstacles prone to challenge us at any given moment's notice. The phoenix engulfs this mountain for a reason―it dominates it relentlessly. 



JC tinkered over every vector to ensure that this image truly personifies arc_ten's message of vitality. Ironically, he took the framework for this design from an illustration that, months prior, was submitted to an unrelated design contest and was then subsequently rejected. Go figure. In spite of that, it was reformatted and completely changed to help give life to this company. It now thrives to give new meaning to something worth so much more.