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From drawing Iron Man to digitally recreating the land of Asgard, my passion for art nourishes my identity. While growing up, I drew a seemingly endless amount of doodles on whichever piece of paper I could get my hands on. In 7th grade, my life was forever changed as I first stepped into the world of graphic design through a desktop publishing class. I was awed by the sheer ability to manipulate geometric, abstract, or text-based elements with the use of a pen and pixel. As an illustrator by training, I have enormous respect for the process that takes a concept from ideation to fruition. It's that intrinsic desire to create that drives me. 

Our story began from a need to release unmitigated creative energy. I had grown frustrated as I felt my natural design instincts had, over the years, become diluted by the daily grind of my profession. As an artistic entity, I knew I could deliver something more impactful—something more personal. It was time to dirty an open canvas with my fingerprints. Opportunities aren't always found...sometimes, they have to be made.

Though, what would I do? Here's what I knew: I dig style. I dig insane, full-throttled athletic endeavors. Asides design, I've also developed an admiration for physical transformation. Through pure consistence, I've changed my physical state from skinny to large and everything in between. In many ways, the gym has become a second home for me.

Cue in arc_ten. Creating this company is my way of harnessing an unbridled entrepreneurial spirit. This energy is reflected by the inspiration behind our logo—the phoenix. BORN FROM FIRE, the phoenix is a creature known for rising above the most ardent forms of adversity...even its own temporary demise. We want this powerful stance to transcend our apparel and mark the hearts of those who join our community. From streetwear to gymwear, our brand is built upon these principles. 

This is arc_ten. Apparel that matches the bold, committed, and relentless attitudes of the people that inspire us. 

With greatest gratitude, 

arc_ten Co-Founder & CEO

Camilo Eckstine-Gomez

Co-Founder & CEO